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Sunrise TV Box UHD + Logitech Harmony or any universal remote

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Salut piksaw,

Tu utilise un PC ou un MAC pour programmer le FLIRC?

Peux-tu tester d'ajouter quelques commandes avec l'outil "flirc_util record_api"?

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On 2/10/2018 at 5:07 PM, Pether said:


this all works very well except for the "Netflix" button that is on the latest Sunrise box remote

I can get to netflix using the "menu" button , but once in netflix the "ok" button doesnt seem to work so I cant select a profile.

Has anyone figured this out?


On 2/10/2018 at 11:27 PM, a.l3881 said:

Hello maisen20 and Pether,

I found these code by pairing the Flirc with an old remote control, and tested all the possible number for the command record_api xxx 120 (from 0 to 255).

For the Back/Exit command, I found just one command number (flirc_util record_api 70 102). Sorry maisen20, I did't found the back specific number.

For the OK command, I found two command number (flirc_util record_api 65 102 and flirc_util record_api 132 102)

I don't use Netflix, so I cannot confirm if it works, but you can try the second command for "OK"  flirc_util record_api 132 102


Hi there

lucky me I found this topic! Thank you all for contributing to this.


Since I have bought a really old FLIRC my firmware is to old to use your config files. I managed to config the flirc myself using your extensive list of commands.


However as Pether mentioned, I neither could Netflix get working. Anybody already figured out a way to do this? Would greatly appreciate your help.

Other question: How do you find out these API-Commands? Plug a Keyboard directly into the Sunrise UHD? Or just Trial / Error?


Looking forward to your replies


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Good day together

I use the Sunrise TV BOX with the Harmony Ultimate for 4 days.
The functions with the latest Flirc and the neustren firmware, work flawlessly.
The only problem where I have is that the Sunrise TV BOX only starts when I hold the Harmony Ultimate directly on the box, the same problem when quitting.
Do you have this phenomenon too, or do I have to change something?
I have already placed the Flirc with a USB extension cable, unsuccessful.

Is this on the HUB or the Flirc?
Thanks for your answers.

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hi guys! thanks god a forum like this exist. i bought the harmony elite and noticed that it absolutely doesnt work with the sunrise tv box. i then ordered the flirc and it should arrive the next few days. but i already got one question: is it possible to just start the radio and the receiver (without the TV screen) with the flirc? the problem is that i must choose the radio in the sunrise menu, but therefore i need to turn on the tv also to navigate in the sunrise menu... 

a solutionj would be very welcome! thanks in advance and have a good day guys. hope that logitech gonna fix that soon anyway!!



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