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my system

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here is my beast of a setup built around 2 tiny low spec'ed silent PCs and a centerilsed database running on 2x2Gb synology NAS.





110" motorised projector screen

720p optoma short throw projector

42" Toshiba LCD TV

emachine er-1401 1.3Ghz k2 dual core process 2Gb of ram 30Gb SSD + media centre remote running XBMCbuntu and the NEON skin

wireless keyboard

harmony 700 remote

Onkyo 5.0 amp with 5 Etax floor standing speakers, so need for a sub here.

PS3 slim

Xbox360 slim

Humax freeview HD PVR



Toshiba 32" LCD TV.

another eMachine ER-1401 spec'ed as front room + media centre remote

Onkyo amp 2.0

Eltax mini monitors 2 speaks

Flat mates room


A craptasic old dell optiplex 545 runing windows and xbmc and a budget £2 ebay remote

Testing rigs.

iMac 27" + macbook air

let me know if you want more details but a decent enough setup for a beginner.

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Love that you didn't go with a sub - I like floor standing speakers so much more (probably for all the wrong reasons)

Reckon you could add a picture of Flirc in their - if you want - so we can boast your set-up to other users interested in Flirc (if that's cool)


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