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Got my Flirc today - its working great and I have no isues with it at all so far. it is something that will have a lot of uses and I look forward to getting more.

My biggest issue is postage costs.

The box it arrived in was hugh compared to the little packaging that the flirc is in. It could have help a dozen or more of them.

Whats really annoying is that the box weighed more than the flirc itself.

Unfortuinately, it cost me double (clse to) to get this unit and it was very disapointing to see the box wehen it arrived. Something needs to be done about USPS and the costs of this unit because I am sure its hurting sales.


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Hi znelbok, welcome to the forums,

The reason for the box is due to the flat-rate Jason gets, simplifying his life and postage properties. Another factor is the customer experience, we try to keep things more closely involved with us so we can offer better support and maximise the money raised for charity (part of the reason distributors weren't such a good fit).

That said you are absolutely right, flirc does need to change postage etc - which we are working on. Without promising too much hopefully shipping to europe is gonna get quicker and cheap very soon... (cue excitement).

Glad to hear you're enjoying your Flirc,


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Hey Mick -

Got your mail and will reply shortly.

Yes, postage kills me. In order for me to do anything cheaper, it requires a lot of filling out forms by hand, which I can't do. I already spend the majority of my free time filling orders, I literally have zero time for development right now. The beauty of the postage box I chose, is what you mentioned, I can stick about 10 in there and the cost stays exactly the same whereas another method will rise with weight.

All this being said, I have found another option which is first class, it will be $3-5. I couldn't explore this previously because of all the work I had to do by hand, however, I found a module for the e-commerce store I use (lemonstand), called shipstation. They support batch printing first class labels, I expect to have this on the store within a couple weeks. However, shipping times will probably be 8 weeks and it's not ideal. As you mentioned in your mail, distribution will be the best method for customers.

Thanks for posting this.

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