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Using Flirc Receiver on a MacBook to Simulate MacMini IR Capability

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I have a MacBook and a silver Apple TV remote.  I wanted to use this remote the same way with my MacBook that it would work on a MacMini.  I just got a Flirc receiver and tried setting it up, but I don't see a controller profile (or even a combination of profiles) that will make my Apple remote act the same way as it would on a MacMini.  Is this possible?

I'm also running EyeTV 3 and want the Apple remote to act the same way it would on the MacMini with EyeTV.  However, besides the volume buttons, none of the other buttons act the same way.  In particular, the left and right arrow seem to work inconsistently... sometimes it changes the channel other times it skips to live or rewinds.  The way it works on the MacMini is that a simple press of the left/right arrow cycles through the channels and a long press goes to live or rewinds.  I also cannot reliably navigate the EyeTV menu with the remote.

Is there a trick to get this to work.  I tried searching for something but only see XMBC + EyeTV instructions which isn't what I was looking for.



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