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New features for the old FLIRC

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There's currently no beta firmware for 1st gen Flirc. Lastest stable (I think 1.3.8) is right now the newest firmware.

As for the new features it depends. 1st gen Flirc devices don't have much program space left on the micro controller used in them. That makes it very hard to add any new features. I think that Jason won't drop the support any time soon and if it's possible to squeeze some new features into that small micro then I think he will do that.

But I also think that more advanced features which are going to be implemented on 2nd gen Flirc, like key sequences or sending IR signals back, won't be coming to 1st gen (especially the latter one as the IR blaster was added on the 2nd gen).

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1st gen are Flirc USB in a clear plastic case and Flirc SE. Both are basically the same hardware but in different form factor (they use the same micro-controller and firmware).

2nd gen is the new Flirc USB in metal case. It uses new, ARM core based micro-controller, with much more memory and processing power. I don't know if there are any plans right now for 2nd gen Flirc in the same form factor like Flirc SE.

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