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New Flirc and beta software questions


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Does the new Flirc store the IR codes the same way, or would it be possible to use to dump remote commands as some were asking previously?  I see it has arm, and looks like it's able to store more codes than before.  with an Arm proc can it be it's own computers? hehe

Will the beta software for the new flirc be a full replacement?  meaning would you like testers for previous flirc devices as well?  I still have the old ones and would like to test the new software to help if you would need that. 

Also, seeing you have a Black Friday special coming up I may just pick up the new one to help support you anyway.

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Beta software works with both old and new Flirc models. Right now it's more of an iteration of already existing version which adds support for the new configuration/control interface in new Flirc model. There are some bugs fixed, for example an issue with unreadable text in GUI when running it on high DPI screens is finally gone :).

New model uses different approach regarding communication with the software. Now it uses HID interface, so there's no longer a need for installing drivers anymore (on Windows, as on other OS-es there was no need to do that on old model anyway). So goodbye driver problems :) (hopefully).

As for the storing of IR codes, I think it's still a hash value, not raw data, but I'm not 100% sure. I hope Jason will give us an answer :). From my observations though the format has changed: old Flirc uses 4 byte long hashes, and new model uses 5 bytes for IR signal. Also whole configuration data structure is more flexible which will allow some cool features in the future (if you look carefully at the "New hardware features" infographic on the product's page there's a hint ;)).

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