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Anyway to send Fire TV to sleep with Harmony 650?

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Hi I have a Logitech Harmony 650 remote.  My Flirc works great for my Fire TV and I have the 3.8 firmware installed.

The Home button works enough to bring me to the home screen - however a long hold on the Home button does not bring up the sleep option.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a way around it?


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Works great with my 2015 Fire TV and 2005 Harmony 880 :-).  The only feature I crave is the long hold/quick menu native to the Fire TV remote.  Was there any progress on this function?

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I have the Fire TV (Gen 2) working with a Harmony 350 with the exception on the Long Press on the Home for Sleep.  Sure would make things simpler if fixed/added. 

In the documentation for the Controller Presets for GUI most list the key presses and the functions performed.  The Fire TV listing is not documented fpr the key presses and functions performed.   The would be really helpful to know.   I am running the current 3.11.6 GUI software on Windows 10 with the current Spring Update.    


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