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Does Flirc sell a 3.5mm version? (i.e. 3.5mm IR to USB HID?)


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Does Flirc sell a version of their IR adapter that supports a 3.5mm mono-plug?  (i.e. 3.5mm IR input to USB HID output)

I'd like to connect a Flirc directly to my home automation equipment (URC Total Control) that emits IR signals via 3.5mm mono-plugs.  I'd then like to connect the Flirc USB side to an Nvidia Shield or maybe my HTPC.

EDIT:  ...or can the existing Flirc be modified to accept a 3.5mm input?

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There's no such product and it's not that easy to make such a modification. First of all the IR receiver package used on the Flirc board is not a simple IR sensing photo-diode. It is an IR demodulator module integrated with photo-diodes. It outputs demodulated data to the micro-controller. I'm 99% sure that your automation equipment is sending a modulated signal over the wires instead of demodulated ones. You can't just feed such a signal into Flirc's micro-controller. You would also need to replace the demodulator module with one that allows feeding from external source.

There was such discussion few days ago and I've given some more information there. But don't get your hopes up because there's a lot to take into consideration and you need some background in electronics and SMD soldering to get it done.

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