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Flirc backup and restore

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Now that I've spent hours setting up my Flirc (no fault of Flirc, there's just a lot of factors to consider) it would be nice if I could dump my Flirc's mappings to file that I could save in my backups, just in case I got a new Flirc or my current Flirc gets stolen or zapped.   AND, tweaker that I am, it would be nice if that backup file was editable text, not binary.   Of course this implies that the backup file is used by the other nice-to-have function: a Flirc restore.

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Please take a look at the File menu in Flirc GUI. You should see Save, Load and Clear configuration options. These operate on the configuration that is saved in the Flirc.

It's not in an editable text format and you should not edit it by hand.

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