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Swap 'back' and 'parent_dir' in Flirc GUI?


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During programming my Flirc via the GUI, I assigned my remote's back button to 'back' on the GUI and the menu key to 'parent_dir'. However during actual operation on XBMC, these keys work contrary to how I'd expect.

If I press the back key on my remote, XBMC takes me back all right, right to the top level, and not just back one level. Pressing menu does what I'd expect back to do, just go back up the tree one level.

Does this make sense or am I bonkers? :)

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Hi Chris, and thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out now (I was using the XBMC preset). I think I need to use the full keyboard now anyway as my other half would like to send an upper case W to XBMC to manually override which episodes have/haven't been watched.

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Yeah, we're going to fix that. GUI development has been a bit slow, but we're definitely working on it. We're working out a way to highlight the buttons when you press keys to help show if you've programmed them, but here is what is done so far:

* tooltips on mouseover

* 'go' button will only be visible on minimalist

* Go back/home buttons fixed

* removed outline for eject key

We'll definitely have more in the next release.

It's not a lot, but

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