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Logitech 650 + Flirc + Kodi... unresponsive at random times


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I'm using a Logitech 650 + Flirc to control Kodi on my Windows 8.1 HTPC. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it's randomly unresponsive and I'll have to press a button multiple times before it works.

For example, when I'm using the arrow buttons to navigate a grid of movie options, I might press down, down, right, right, down, and everything works great, and then I press down again and there's no response. Nor from any of the other arrow buttons. I might have to press the button 2 or 3 times before it responds, or I might need to press it 10+ times. Sometimes it simply refuses to respond no matter how many times I press it. When that happens, if I just hold down the button (sending a stream of repeated commants) it will usually work within a few seconds.

At other times, it works just fine and responds to every button press instantly.

It's not an issue of Kodi lagging - if I use a keyboard to control Kodi, it works flawlessly, The problem only happens with the remote.

I don't think it's a line-of-sight issue either - I've tried it with the remote just a few feet away from the Flirc with no obstructions and have the same problem.

And the Logitech remote works flawlessly with my other devices - changing the output device and volume on my receiver, and changing the input device on the TV always work perfectly.

Would love any suggestions - it can be incredibly frustrating on days when the remote decides it just won't work and 1 out of every 20 button presses is successful!

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I have exactly the same issue, did you figure this out or is it still unresolved?

I have a FLIRC-SE in a HTPC, wich is controled by a Harmony One and a Harmony 900. Mostly its worked great for almost a year, but more and more often I get the issue you describe. I will boot up my tv/soundbar/htpc, and everything works fine for a few moments, and then the FLIRC stops responding properly. Holding the remote a few inches from the HTPC improves it somewhat, and sometimes turning up the lights in the room helps. But this was never an issue before, I can't figure out whats changed.

Its not the remotes, if results are the same with both: If its in a good mood they both work, if not they are both ignored. Also theres never ever any trouble communicating with the other 5 devices being controled by the remotes, only the HTPC. Nothing has been moved sinse or changed at all in my setup. 

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