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Logitech Harmony 550 changing activities sends enter to flirc/raspi/openelec


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I've been searching for an answer to this but haven't come across it. I have openelec on a raspberry pi with a Flirc using a logitech harmony 550. When i change activities using the remote, such as going from the HTPC to the BluRay player or TV set top box the flirc sees an 'enter' and will, for example, start playing a movie if i'm sitting on one or activate whatever currently has focus in Kodi. I've played around with settings a bit but can't seem to stop this. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks

update: i set up the flirc with the kodi layout. i used the logitech harmony settings blog post, so for the remote it's set up as manufacturer flirc and device xbmc:


very annoying problem, i've played with power settings etc in the harmony setup but nothing seems to remove this issue

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it might be part of the power off settings for Flirc when you use another activity?  You could try relearning keys, using a different profile or adding flirc to your other activities so it doesn't turn off.  Just some thoughts hard to say what the exact issue is from just that.  What profile are you using on the harmony? are any of the devices a similar brand?

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