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Programming through XBMC plugin shows 'Operation timed-out' if I don't enter a key within a split second

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This is terribly frustrating. I am able to record keys, but only if I press the button requested VERY QUICKLY. I was able to get the arrow keys and enter before failing to program 'back'. Adding configuration for other keys is unbelievably annoying, since 80% of the time it says 'Operation timed-out' before I can hit the correct key.

I'm using the Flirc dongle, I'm on OpenElec + Kodi, using the XBMC plugin from your repository, and programming with an INT-422-1 Inteset remote.

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Actually -- configuring beyond the main 6 (arrows, enter, back) is impossible. No matter how quickly I press the button, it says Operation timed-out.

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