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Unable to determine if Flirc sends keyboard commands


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I just purchased a Flirc and am trying to program one of my remotes (Sony BD).


I am trying to test it using Potplayer under Windows 10.  I am running 3.6 and always get:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe keys
Warning: cannot open USB device
Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  D190812F    left_ctrl I
    1  CF881170    left_ctrl+left_shift *
    2  BAA77AC1    left_ctrl *
    3  63A16936    +left_shift+left_alt+right_ctrl *

Note in particular the "Warning: cannot open USB device".  I get this every time I execute flirc_util!


As an example, when i type in "left_ctrl+left_shift *" or better equvalent "left_ctrl+left_shift 8" in Potplayer the play/pause action is taken as it should be.


When I hit PLAY on the remote nothing happens.  It's as if Flirc isn't transmitting the keystrokes to the application.


Any ideas?

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I don't think Flirc on Windows 10 has been tested in any way yet. You can do some tests by recording simple keys like just letters and then try to "type" them in the notepad using the remote. Have you tried switching to different USB port yet?

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I just loaded up Flirc on my win 10 test box to see what happened and it doesn't look like the flirc Gui was recognizing my device, flirc_util.exe did list keys like you are stating so it could just be a gui issue for win 10. 



Did you ever get any response in win 10 from the remote, is it just these commands that aren't working?  I'm curious about the sequence modifiers setting too, but are you able to configure, test and use it on a win 7 install and then test just how it reacts in win 10?


Just some things to think about.


also, if there is a new GUI or more to test I'd be open to running it through a few paces

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