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Hi there,

It's been a while since I've been to the flirc forums. I have 4 flircs in the house at the moment, all connected to seperate htpc setups and all working great.

A while ago in these forums I suggested a feature to add secondary functions to buttons to add more functionality for smaller minimal button remotes like the apple tv remote. An example would be; to wake the pc push and hold a button to trigger the wake command, or push and hold 'up' to adjust volume. Essentially this would double the amount of functionality of a small remote.

This suggestion seemed to gain momentum with the creator of flirc even stating that he was even working to implement the feature in a future firmware update. However that was quite some time ago, I don't seem to see any progress on this. Can it be done? And will it be done?

Would be great to experiment with this, I'd love to have a secondary function to trigger an IR Blaster to wake my TV using the apple remote.

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