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Full keyboard : flirc forgets keys

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flirc 0.98 software, firmware v1, osx Lion, Harmony One. I'm using the full keyboard to control plex and a music app. I keep running into this problem:

1. Map a bunch of keys and save the config file somewhere.

2. Try them out, looks good except for one or two

3. Map the missing one or two and re-save the config file.

4. Try them out, works great except for a DIFFERENT one or two.

I have chased this around several times and have yet to figure out a pattern. I have maybe 20 keys mapped. It's as if there is some max number of keys and some keep falling off the bottom of the list.

Not much pattern to the forgotten keys... all directional buttons, select, g, k, \, and ' have bee n in the mix if memory serves. I have always been able to fix them only to discover some other ones disappeared.

Any ideas?


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I should mention -- In the attached config file I know of two keys that stopped working for no reason: Plex "Full Screen" on the Harmony was mapped to '\' and Plex "Favorites" was mapped to 'k'.

I can verify they are truly missing because erasing them returns "button already erased" and re-mapping them does not fail with "button already in use".

I have only seen it with Plex buttons, which covers 90% of my use so no big surprise but worth pointing out in case it some issue with mapping Plex IR commands from a Harmony to a full-keyboard key.

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Answered my own question-- It's not a flirc issue at all. Turns out the Plex Harmony mapping sometimes uses the same IR code for multiple buttons, so it doesn't work very well when you try to use it for other things. I switched to the TiVo Harmony mapping because it has lots and lots of buttons, and no more problems. Hope this helps somebody.

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Thanks so much for the followup. I'm really surprised though. When you recorded the 'second' key that used the same IR code, the GUI should have said this button is already recording.

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