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Macro for custom key recording


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Hi just got my flirc yesterday :)

I think a went over all setting and did not find anything like this.

I have been using winlirc for almost 3 years but it has problems and when I found flirc i knew this is it !

Ok so here is what I think, flirc is made to work with x number of different remotes, but not all of them will work the same,

form what I have learned from winlirc it is not flirc that has problem but it is remote that is the problem.

So I have this remote. It is universal cheap with tons of presets - not all of this presets work 100% as they should - if you were to set them with

lets say your tv - example you take preset 1 and your tv menu goes to fast, preset 2 menu is ok but some key does not work, and so you need

to find one that is just ok - that is the problem when you try to program flirc as well.

I will be using flirc to control my XBMC openelec machine, I always program my remote to act as keyboard rather then using just predefined remote keys for

XBMC cause there are so much more functions on keyboard + u can add more easily and that bring me to feature that would be nice to have.

As I already said flirc is designed for x nuber of remotes - not all universal remotes will work 100% cause thay are not perfect, so you program keys on flirc

and then you see that it is not working 100%, you take different setting on your universal remote and reprogram again - better but still not 100% so you do it again.

As you program some 30 keys you have to think each time an all of them :( it would be nice ti be able to save keyboard buttons that you programmed, and then when you

go to change your remote setting to have a way that flirc ask you to program those buttons again (something like wizard for minimal remote in flirc).

It would be much easier to set up universal remote that way for x number of programs.

Hope my English makes seance to you guys.

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Hi burke,

I think I understand what you are saying. Is this is:

When trying to find the best remote control/remote control preset you want Flirc to ask you to program the same buttons that you had programmed before. E.g. (Flirc GUI requests you press a button to be mapped with X as it was mapped before).

If this is the case, my personal opinion (read: not Jason's), I think this would complicate the GUI. Whilst it is a bit of a pain if you're trying lots of remotes - once it's programmed, that's it!

Also some of the presets could help this function (e.g. if programming for XBMC you could use the XBMC preset - that may help).

I think Jason is aiming for Flirc to work with as many remotes as possible so this would hopefully try and eliminate this kind of issue.

Thanks for taking the time to suggest ideas and I hope Flirc is working out well for you,

Pleasant regards,


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well I guess it could be to much.

But if there is going to be full xbmc keyboard that would be great, only one thing though,

it would be good to add function keys to it ( once not used by xbmc already) - maybe just mark them with different color

Then those keys can be used for custom functions for xbmc - there are a lot of things that you can make xbmc do

with just one key - that is not in standard setup.

for example - you can do direct sleep / shutdown

you can use it run a script - I use f2 to run cinema expirience - that way i don't need to go to movie info tu run it, but

run it directly from library...

For people with less expirience help/ tooltip would be nice

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