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Please implement a real full virtual keyboard

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I would really like a full keyboard with numpad and button like PrintScrn too!

Something like numpad may seems useless, but actually Windows uses it for mimic the mouse, so it has a purpose, like other buttons, at least for me! (by the way how it's called the one right to the right Win button?!)

Thank you.

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Until the feature is implemented you can use command line util to record keypad buttons.

flirc_util.exe record_api XXX YYY

where XXX is modifier value and YYY is a key HID code.

HID codes for keypad are:

83	Keypad Num Lock and Clear
84	Keypad /
85	Keypad *
86	Keypad -
87	Keypad +
88	Keypad ENTER
89	Keypad 1 and End
90	Keypad 2 and Down Arrow
91	Keypad 3 and PageDn
92	Keypad 4 and Left Arrow
93	Keypad 5
94	Keypad 6 and Right Arrow
95	Keypad 7 and Home
96	Keypad 8 and Up Arrow
97	Keypad 9 and PageUp
98	Keypad 0 and Insert
99	Keypad . and Delete

So if you want to record a button for keypad 8 without any modifiers then you should use

flirc_util.exe record_api 0 96

and after pressing enter the command should wait for you to press some button on the remote.


The modifier value is described in the help of the record_api command itself. The flirc_util.exe is in the same folder where the Flirc.exe is installed.

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Thank you!

Before trying it, if I make a mistake can I delete the link normally from the GUI?
Also in a laptop if PrintScrn is triggered using the Fn key, with this method the code for PrintScrn is enough, right?

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Yes, you can delete the button from the GUI but there is also a delete command in flirc_util.exe. If you run flirc_util.exe without any parameters you will get all available commands.


The Fn key is a keyboard controller extension and it's not sending anything to the system itself. It just changes the HID code sent to the system by the controller when the key is pressed with or without holding the Fn key. In your case the PrintScrn key is sent when Fn key is pressed but this is just a hardware keyboard behavior. Using PrintScrn HID code in Flirc should be enough.

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