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How I use Flirc-SE - Without Flirc Software

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When I understand the Flirc FAQ (http://www.flirc.tv/faq/) correct. It is passible to use "Flirc-se "  Modul whisout any Software?!

After my "flic SE" modul is configurate now. I uninstall the flirc software.  

After deinstallation from the  Flirc Software unfortunately  the "Flirc SE" modul and the Remote Controll will not work again. When I install the Software again all works again whishout problem.

Please can someone tell me what i do wrong to use the "Flirc SE Modul"

whisout Software

Actually I use Windows 8.1 (x64) + Flirc SE

Thank you for your help.


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@Jason, maybe this is the same issue with HID keyboard filter driver in Windows I've described to you via PM.


@MediaCenterOwner, after uninstalling the Flirc software can you plug Flirc to a different USB port and test it then?

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Thank you for your advice. sometimes its work

At the weekend I had a lot of trouble whis my Flirc-SE Modul.

After I change the internal USB Port. My Media Center do not found the flirc-SE Modul not anymore!

To found the flirc-Modul again I try the following thinks.

- I Boot my Media Center
- I use a other internal USB Port
- I deinstall- and install the latest Flirc software (1.36)
- I recover my Media Center completely (the Image was include: Flirc Software 1.35 RC5)

After all this changes I got an error in "flirc.exe". I try this 6 or 7 Times after all this time the Flirc modul do not work.

Then I try a older Flirc Software (1.34) fortunaly the Software found my Flirc Modul again and I can downgrade my Flirc-SE Modul after this I can upgrade the Firmware again to the newest Firmware that I need.

After this I can use the Flirc SE Modul in my second Media Center without the Flirc Software, only the Windows device Manager bring a error that Windows can not found a driver for the Flirc-SE Modul.

The Flirc Modul for my second Media Center I will try later. I hope you can found the problem.

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You shouldn't need to install anything for Flirc to work. It is recognized as an USB keyboard. Actually Flirc is recognized as 2 separate devices. One is for the keyboard interface and the other is for programming. If you don't want to install Flirc software on that PC then you can just ignore the warning that Windows can't find drivers for device.


Flirc only needs USB Keyboard driver installed for it to work if it's already programmed. Unless the copy of Windows you are using for your HTPC isn't somehow modified (like for example most drivers removed from the install) then it must have an USB Keyboard driver built-in.

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Hi Yawor,

yesteday I recovered my other Media Center so that the Media Center have no flirc Software too. The Flirc-SE configuration I does bevor I recovered my Media Center.


Now both Media Center has not installed Flric Software and the Flric-SE works!


Do you know what is the reason that I can not  remove the Flirc Software from my Media Center whisout to chance the internal USB Port ore to recover my Media Center?


to your question:

I use Windows 8.1update1 (x64) without changes.

At the Weekend somtetime I thought my  Flirc-SE are demage. Fortunaly I had the second flirc-SE so I can try whis the second Flirc Modul. The second "Flirc-SE" modul has the same problem to detect.

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