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looking at the Kodi layout keys (controlers menu )


you are missing the Contextual menu key ,,,,same as pressing c on keyboard when in Kodi .....


could you please add this as  shortcut .. Contextual menu is used a lot in Kodi ...thank you  if i have missed it iam sorry

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Since Kodi 16, Context menu is accessible by long pressing the Enter/OK key. Also it's not that hard to record the C key on the full keyboard controller in the GUI.

As this issue wasn't critical in any way it probably got lost between other, more pressing issues. Anyway, I'll ask @jason if he could look into it.

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Thanks for your suggestion. It will be eventually added, but in the mean time if you need this key you can add it yourself: just select Keyboard controller in Flirc GUI and record some remote button for C key.

@markb81, it's relatively easy to just select the keyboard as he mentioned and just program it yourself. It probably took longer to ask this question than to just program the key. 

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Well the reason I asked was that I had quite a lot of trouble adding the contextual menu to my menu button on my harmony one remote. The holding OK for a long time doesn't function on Harmony One.

I noticed that my menu button on my remote just was not functioning. I fixed it by adding the contextual menu action to the button on the Flirc device (in MyHarmony). I then could bind the menu button to the full keyboard C key. I did add the contextual menu action to the menu button in my 'watch a movie action', however to funtion on Flirc that's not enough. It needs to be added to the Flirc Device in MyHarmony.

So it was more of a Harmony issue then a Flirc issue. Finding this method I needed to google. It would be more userfriendly to just add the button to the layout, because the Flirc software speaks for itself and can be installed/configured without the need for googling.



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