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Teach 1 remote button to multiple keyboard buttons


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I'm trying to use the same remote to control a handful of apps - Plex HT, VLC media player, Windows explorer, and maybe iTunes (it doesn't play well with keyboard usage).


Can it be setup so that I can link the same remote control button (play/pause) to the spacebar (vlc, iTunes) and enter (Plex, Windows)?

I'd also like to be able to link the same remote control button (back) to escape (Plex) and also backspace (Windows)?


If I try to do this, it just says "Button already exists".



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You can't do that directly, but there are some ways to work around the problem:


1. Use an universal remote which can control multiple devices - you can decide which device on the remote control which application and then record the buttons accordingly. To control different app just select different device on the remote.

+ you don't need additional software running on the Windows

- you need to use a device on the remote for each app you want to control (or even buy a new remote if you don't have an universal one right now)


2. Use some automation software between Flirc and the apps you want to control like AutoHotKeys or EventGhost. Record buttons once but use some unused key combinations (with shift, alt, win and ctrl) and then map those combinations in the software to different apps. In the EventGhost you can use a plugin to automatically activate and deactivate action groups depending on which app you currently have in focus.

+ it is a very flexible solution that can achieve much more functionality than the Flirc alone

+ you can use your current remote

- you need to run additional software on the Windows

- you need to find keyboard shortcuts that are not used by other software so you can capture them in the automation software

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