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Found 2 results

  1. This problem has left me stumped. At first I had the Harmony Companion setup with the Intel Compute Stick it's supposed to control as a separate device, and it was working fine. I decided to order a Flirc USB to try to get a bit more control over the situation since some of the buttons on the remote weren't detected in that configuration. My flirc arrived and it worked pretty well out of the box without having to change anything in the myHarmony software, and things were looking up. I still was not satisified with the performance however, since some buttons were getting grouped together, as re
  2. Both remotes have some issues with the Flirc software. Here's a summary of what I've found so far: Remote of the Harmony Companion Buttons that are read as duplicates: Exit and Back/Previous Channel. Guide and OK (button in center of D-pad). Buttons that don't get read: Menu, Source, E, DVR and Record. Buttons of the Harmony 650 Buttons that are read as duplicates: Guide and OK (button in center of D-pad). Buttons that don't get read: Back/Previous Channel, Menu, Source, E, and Record. I've found a workaround for these issues though. I'm currently using my telecom provider's TV remote (but
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