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Found 6 results

  1. I just bought the Flirc and am trying to use flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw and it does not seem to be transmitting. Flirc can receive my TV remote key presses and the mapping is working perfectly, but when I try to transmit the codes back nothing happens. My phone camera can see the TV remote flash but not the Flirc. I also have a Pi set up with an IR receiver and transmitter. The Pi can see my TV remote transmit but not the Flirc transmission even if the devices are pointed directly at each other a few inches away. The software I am running is 3.22.4 and the firmware is 4.6.3. I am on Windows 10. I'm not sure if it matters if I have the GUI open or not while I do this so I tried it both ways. I'm getting errors in the debug in the GUI. The command I am running is flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,9012,4424,592,491,588,491,592,1607,588,491,592,486,592,491,587,491,592,487,592,1607,588,1608,591,491,588,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592,1607,592,1607,591,487,591,1608,587,491,592,490,588,491,587,491,592,486,592,490,588,1607,592,491,587,1607,592,1607,592,1603,592,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592 Errors in the GUI: Wed May 8 2019 21:42:21 Flirc GUI Version v3.22.4 Operating System: Windows *** Device Disconnected *** *** Device Connected *** Firmware Version: v4.6.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Git Hash: 0x93a109d3 <3>ir_transmit_push(131): invalid timer value: 0 <3>ir_transmit_push(131): invalid timer value: 0 Errors on the command line (these errors aren't there when the GUI is closed): [E] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_recv_packet(167): hid_recv_packet: wrong report id [E] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_recv_packet(168): hidapi: The parameter is incorrect. [E] lib/libtransport/transport.c _recv_packet(126): _recv_packet: recv packet error = -1 [E] lib/libtransport/transport.c _dev_send_cmd(208): recv timeout [E] lib/libflirc/firmware/fw_4.2.c _fl_transmit_raw(69): error sending data, ceck device log [E] util/flirc_util/src/ir_transmit.c send_ir_raw(85): error sending IR pattern Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there something different I should try? Thank you
  2. Bug? 1st gen Flirc on Raspberry Pi 3. Bought 2014. Worked well on Pi 2. Now OSMC on PI 3. Flirc programmed on OSX 9,5 with Flirc v.1.4.4 (and its firmware). The latest v.3.1 crashes, even if it SHOULD work on OSX 9,5 and 10. problem: Used on Kodi the cursor "runs" down lists (like Arrow down), or "skips" between choices on the home screen (like Tab) on its own. Then it stops. Interacting with the programmed remote OR a keyboard, starts the running and skipping again. have tried pinning it down by exclusion, but no matter what else is attached to the Raspberry, if the flirc is present, the skipping begins like a nervous tick. Defect Flirc?
  3. I've got my Flirc (metal model) and I can't get it to work. I've plugged it and installed Flirc for Windows, but whenever I open the program, it instantly freezes (Not responding in window's title) and I have to manually kill it in the Task Manager. I've found out that other people had this issue, some resolved by reinstalling the drivers with an utility (ZADIG). I tried that too but so far nothing changed. If I go to Devices in Windows, I see flirc listed under "other devices", so that's something I guess. I'm out of ideas, any help? OS: Windows 10 EDIT: If try to "Troubleshoot" with Windows' software, it says that flirc is an old device and may not work with USB 3.0. I don't have any USB 2.0 on my desktop. That's the problem? EDIT2: I found out that even with FLIRC not plugged, the program on Windows freezes as soon as it opens.
  4. Hi! I was setting up my brand new dongle and I was having a hard time with fast_forward. The usage message incorrectly suggests to use fastforward without underscore. mlt@rpi ~ $ ./flirc_util record fastforward Press any button on the remote to link it with 'fastforward' Not a valid word: fastforward usage: flirc record 'word'Available Options: escape, return, enter, escape, backspace, delete, tab, space, F[1-12], printscreen, scroll, pause, insert, home, pageup, pagedown, end, right, left, down, up, wake, media keys: eject, vol_up, vol_down, mute, play/pause, stop, fastforward, rewind [E] fl_ver2_set_record(454): Key does not exist Error, button exists mlt@rpi ~ $ ./flirc_util version flirc_util version v1.3.7 [v1.3.7-rc.1-50-gc0ff92e] Firmware: v3.6 [96F70DB5] mlt@rpi ~ $ uname -a Linux rpi 4.1.13-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 13 20:11:44 MST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux
  5. Hi Since I got this device, I haven't had a single issue until last week. Suddenly, a single button press would repeat hundreds of times till I unplugged the FLIRC. I assumed this was some sort of bug or fault with my Harmony remote despite me neither changing the FLIRC or Remote since the beginning of the year. Either way. I did a resync of the harmony remote.. The problem persisted. Then I thought it was an Openlec bug... So I moved the flirc to other boxes.. same problem persisted Then I plugged into a PC.. Forced upgraded the firmware from something like 2.x to 3.0 and then to 3.1. It worked temporarily and then stopped again. I came on the forums and saw others and saw they were advised to force another firmware update. I did this multiple times.. The problem continues.. Whats going on? I find it strange that it happened suddenly to me and the same appears on the forums from similar time frames? What warranty do have on the hardware?
  6. Hi there, Does anyone have a fix yet as to why the Raspberry Pi receives multiple keypresses through the Flirc? I've scoured this forum and more looking for a fix, but it persists even through several iterations of XBMC/Kodi and Flirc firmware updates. I have tried 5 different remotes, from my Harmony 300 and two different Harmony Ones, to a generic remote and the TV's remote. I have tried 4 different flavours of XMBC/Kodi from RaspBMC to OpenELEC. I have tried 3 different TVs with the HDMI, even used different inputs on the TVs. I have tried the Pi in the basement and at my friends place to see if it was interference (RMI or wireless). I have tried 3 different Flirc dongles, all with different firmwares. I have tried 3 different Pi motherboards. I have tried at least half a dozen different power sources, even ran the Flirc and Pi through powered hubs. Every time I use a remote I get several keypresses, sometimes I have the input go on for 5 seconds or more. My Pi are stock and are not overclocked. I get the same result using either USB port or a hub. I have been waiting for a solution to this for over a year now. Nothing seems to fix it. Does ANYONE have ANY configuration of Pi/Flirc working that I can resort to? I wasn't sure where to post this as I don't know if it's a bug or something that I'm missing. Thanks. Dave
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