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Found 4 results

  1. Is the Sky Tv (Sky UK) remote supported? See link here: https://goo.gl/CEdL68. In addition, can you connect this to a fire tv and program a sky tv remote to use on the fire tv?
  2. Hello all! ok so you guessed it I'm a newb lol ok so what I have i have a Samsung smart tv i have an Aris cable box and a Samsung sound bar. and I have a Amazon Fire tv cheap version I honk it's the first one and its jail broken with Kodi i have a time warner cable remote that works with my tv and cable but not my sound bar i just bought a rca universal remote that works with the tv and cable but it didn't register the sound bar so I had it learn to turn it in and off and the volume. How do I set up Flirc to work with the time warner remote and the Soundbar and the fire stick or the rca remote to work with the fire stick ? The rca remote is getting annoying bc it doesn't let me change the type from tv to cable to sound bar. Each time I press the appropriate device it turns it off. An example is if I'm using the cable control and I want to use my tv feature to change the hdmi input I need to press tv but it turns it off then when I turn it on it can change to the input , if I decide to watch cable I press cable and it turns it off and when I put it back on I control cable..... If I can control the Amazon Fire tv il just deal with it. Thank you in advance
  3. I just got my fire tv and flirc setup complete about a week a go and I love it. The flirc works great with my harmony remote and it saves me from having to have a separate remote for the fire tv. I am having one issue though with the watch disney app. ON the app, there is a link where you can select 'More Shows', then stream other shows. However I am unable to actually select that link. When I naviagte to the link and click select nothing happens. If I use the original fire tv remote it selects it just fine. This seems to be the only place where I get an odd behavior with the select button. Using the harmony remote the select buttons works everywhere else(other apps, xbmc, etc) no problem. Is this a problem with the flirc or the app? My harmony is setup using the Panasonic TC-P65VT30 then flirc remaps the keys I need. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hi there. I bought a Flirc so I could use my Harmony remote with the Fire TV. Is there a config file I could use somewhere? Any recommendations?
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