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Found 2 results

  1. Hi There, After struggling with CEC adapters and various LIRC configurations, I bought a FLIRC for my parents to use with their MythTV setup. Set up is a Mythbuntu HTPC, Logitech Harmony One, FLIRC, TV etc etc I live overseas, so I sent them instructions on what to do (and set up the Harmony profile online for them so they just had to update it). I used the Computer > HTPC > FLIRC > XBMC Harmony Profile, and mapped things that MythTV doesn't use (like switching zoom level, switching subtitles etc) for some more MythTV like functions (PIP, PIP control/swap, aspect ratio
  2. Just got the Flirc today and setup for my MythTV system using the Full Keyboard was pretty straightforward once I got going. However, a few of my keys (like the arrow keys on my Harmony 300) are sending multiple keypresses like crazy. So it's really hard when I'm in the guide or a menu and it jumps four spots for one button press. I saw a post about going to the advanced settings and changing a delay, but my Flirc (silver) doesn't have that setting. I've attached my config. my_flirc_config_for_buster.fcfg
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