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Found 6 results

  1. If you have been wondering on how to make Kodi work with Flirc and Harmony remotes to automatically suspend without you having to call up the shutdown menu or be stuck with the other methods that limit suspend commands to the home screen of Kodi this is how to do it with Kodi v15 at time of writing. Thx to GoodOmens for the tip though his info is a little out of date now so this is a guide on how to do it all. Kodi/Openelec Go to system information and make a note of it's IP address Turn on SSH in Kodi services Harmony Software Devices Flirc Media Player Change Device Settings Power Settin
  2. My FLIRC is getting disconnected (as in, the GUI has a sad face and says "disconnected") after I resume my HTPC from sleep mode. Rebooting is fine - it's only when I put the machine to sleep and then resume that I experience this issue. Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H170-HD3 - I've been through all the BIOS settings and tried to make sure all USB and wake from USB etc settings are turned on. Related to this is that I cannot get the machine to resume using the remote - but that's kind of expected I guess if the FLIRC is getting disconnected in sleep mode. I've set my Harmony remote to use a a Pa
  3. Hello, I have searched for an answer to my problem but no luck finding a resolution. I setup my Flirc with my Asus Chromebox Openelec HTPC. I setup an Acitivity on my Harmony One to "Watch Videos" and it works perfectly to wake/suspend the HTPC. But when I switch to another activity (Watch TV or Play PS4), it will also wake up the HTPC. Here's what I did: In the Harmony software, I added a new device under Computer>Media Center PC>Flirc>KodiUnder "Advanced setup for this device", I set it to "turn this device off when not in use", selected "one button on remote to turning it both
  4. My goal is to have one key suspend and wake (with no other keys waking). According to: the "Suspend" key should wake (and suspend). However, for me it acts no different than any other key with regard to waking (in particular, if Wake is undefined, all keys including Suspend wake, otherwise only Wake does). I have tried both the beta and stable firmwares. Using a strategy similar to: I was able to get the desired beahvior, but I am concerned that there may be too many write cycles. Does anyone know the number of write cycles that this microcontroller can handle (from l
  5. Here is how i got my Harmony Smart Control and Flirc to suspend and wake up my HTPC Linux Mint box. Note: make sure you are connecting your Flirc to a consistently powered USB even if the PC is powered off, to choose one; power off your pc and connect your mobile on the desired USB port and make sure your mobile is charging with the box turned off. 1- Download Flirc latest Linux GUI from here (i used the zipped x64 version). 2- Add the file 51-flirc.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ (download the file from here), this udev rule insures that the GUI can connect to Flirc without root permissi
  6. Hi guys I'm having trouble with my flirc waking my pc (acer revo r3700, openelec 3.2.4) from suspend by itself. I have enabled sleep detection and assigned a wake button on my remote. This wakes it as it should. I left it in suspend last night before I went to bed an it was awake in the morning. Before I got in bed tonight I wrapped the flirc in tin foil and set my pc to suspend to see if it's still in suspend in the morning. Any Ideas?
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