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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there. I have a Flirc (metal one) and i'm trying to do some automation. I'm trying do send IR signal to my TV box using the Flirc connected to a Raspberry. I have fallow this post http://blog.flirc.tv/index.php/2017/08/06/sdk-release-linux-rpi-ir-transmit-support/ But when i send the signal with send_ir_raw nothing happens. Heres the command output: ~ $ flirc_util send_ir_raw 0,482,204,200,203,205,675,231,236,141,230,204,203,179,229,200,204,249,158,174,230,205,509,231,369,179,535,236,666,231,203,205,675,231,203,174 [D] lib/libflirc/common/flir
  2. Is the FLIRC Raspberry PI case that's being sold on Amazon the old version or the updated PI 3 version? The user reviews make it sound like its the old version.
  3. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to use the Flirc IR remote dongle to shut down and power off a Raspberry Pi? Looking on the net I found a python programming to do it by connecting 2 GPIO pins and a push button switch. Ampulex
  4. I'm considering various options for having both Plex Home Theater (via RasPlex) and Kodi available in the same room to the same output through an a/v receiver. One way is to mess around with dual booting a single Raspberry Pi3 with a Flirc. Another way is to have 2 Pi3s, each dedicated to a separate app. They would of course each have their own Flirc. I'd control them, like everything else, with a single Harmony One remote. Is this 2 Raspberry approach feasible? That is, is it possible to have 1 Flirc respond to a set of commands which will be ignored by the other Flirc? I think maybe yes, if
  5. I'm new at Flirc and am stumbling around a little. I've partially got the Flirc & Harmony One & Rasperry Pi3 working together to play a video through RasPlex on my Samsung TV. Eventually I'll be substituting my Epson projector through an a/v receiver for the TV, but for first steps I'm using this less involved setup. Using information I got from another query on this forum (though maybe only partially understood) I added a new LG TV - which I don't own - to my Harmony One. I then set up an activity including that device plus the existing Samsung TV to a new 'Watch Plex on TV' activity.
  6. Hi, I have the Firc Raspberry Pi case and I love it. I have a small suggestion if one day you make a new version, it would be to add a thermal pad connected to the case for the lan chip, as it produce some heat (and maybe the RG2?). Taken from a website. I can do the test, I have a thermal laser. Right now I put thermal pad + RAM heatsink that I have in spare, does the work, but would be nice to have it directly to the case :) Thanks for reading and thanks alot for the case, It is the best one I've seen so far :)
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