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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I just received my Flirc to go with the Nvidia Shield and I'm having some configuration challenges with my Harmony 350 remote. I followed the Harmony setup guide for Flirc and I'm using the "Flirc Media Player" profile. I noticed that there are several native Kodi controls that are missing that are mapped to keyboard shortcuts. The main ones that are missing for me are the Live TV controls such as EPG or channels, page up and down, etc. I tried using the keyboard profile but Flirc isn't recognizing all of the Harmony button presses - I imagine this is why the Harmony profile
  2. My mac mini is using the wake/suspend button under Computer Media Keys in the GUI to put to sleep, which works kinda odd, there's 3 outcomes randomly happening once the button recorded on remote is pressed. No responseimmediate sleep (the one i want)jumps out the window asking either sleep, shutdown, cancel, restart.Therefore I was trying to get it record it by using flirc_util, but I can't find the USB HID code for the eject button. option+command+eject is what always work to put my computer to sleep. Does anyone know how to find this particular value? I tried a two values of eject from here
  3. If I map the play button on my remote to eg. space on the keyboard in flirc, it does work fine. However, if I press forward or stop or a number of other buttons on the remote I will also get space even though I have not mapped any of them. When I erase one of them, eg. backwards, the play button gets erased as well. I would be really grateful for some advice, and I do apologize if I am overlooking something obvious, I did some reading here on the forum but haven't really managed to solve my issue. I did try different remotes (from different tv's, audio systems and some of them through logitech
  4. Using the Insignia Xbox One Remote w/Keyboard. The remote works great with my FLIRC, except the keyboard doesn't appear to be supported and isn't functional. Would love to see an option to program the keyboard on this remote control too, so that I may use the keyboard for searching on Kodi. Thank you!
  5. tl;dr USB HID codes from here http://www.freebsddiary.org/APC/usb_hid_usages.php should be given to flirc_util record_api as decimal Hi all Just had to deal with flirc_util record_api on account of the GUI not recognizing the Flirc board as connected (http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/2208-linux-x64-flirc_util-works-without-root-but-flirc-gui-always-say-disconnected/#comment-12182 ), and I thought I'd save the information I found in a topic with a descriptive title for future reference: This is also a good resource: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/128-modifier-keys-in-command-line
  6. Hello I got a Flirc recently and I setup my Inteset INT- 422 remote control using Full Keyboard controller under Flirc GUI v1.4.0 with firmware v3.7 on Windows 8.1 x64 to use with Kodi 15.2 I've been trying to use long press in different ways but non of them were successful or sometimes it would send both key actions at the same time. So I'm here to ask if the following case scenarios are possible at all, and if so how? what third party software will I need? 1. Use the DISPLAY button in my remote to: Single press: open global search in Kodi (using "RunScript(script.globalsearch)" in keyboard.x
  7. Hi, I have a "SWK-8695WS FREEBOARD KEYBOARD" IR keyboard, The company that sold them in Sweden was called "Boxer". About 1 key out of 7 is giving me the "button already exist" error from Flirc setup program. Why is that? I mean doesn't an IR signal have to be unique for every button so the receiver don't get confused? Or are there other ways of sending the keys? I also have a problem of assigning the shift, windows, ctrl and alt keys. It seams that on this keyboard they have there own IR signal. When Flirc asks me to press shift and another key for example "shift+k", I can never press shift an
  8. Hi All, Neat product, thanks for developing it. I'm trying to use my Harmony One as a keyboard with FLIRC. Harmony has a few keyboard devices, I'm using MCE as it has all the buttons already defined as virtual softkeys. When I try to map those softkeys to the FLIRC Full Keyboard, most of the softkey letters seem to map to either A or B. Example, I can map "A" to "A" but when I try to map the remote's "C" FLIRC says that that button already exists and is mapped to FLIRC "A" I seem to be able to map another remote (arbitrarily chose a Panasonic TV) to the letters on the keybo
  9. I'm not sure what happened - it *was* working... but in the FLIRC GUI, when I enter keyboard mode, when I click on win, alt, or ctrl keys (mod keys) they are not being recognized. I mean that the keys don't turn green like they are supposed to. other, non-mod keys work fine. How do I fix this? I've tried stopping and starting the gui.
  10. Hello, i have got pb to configure the key from the interface. The keyboard is in qwerty, that would not be a problem normaly, but there, when i choose "m" from the keyboard on the gui (so in qwerty), it do a "," when i press and not a m has have choosen. DO you have any idea? It's like when you use a qwerty keyboard with an azerty configuration. Could you had the design for azerty keyboard?
  11. Hi I have a media player that runs android and I want to use the FLIRC to control it. it works fine when the player is on, but when it goes to sleep, I can't wake it up with the FLIRC. If I connect a keyboard and then let it go to sleep, I can keep the Enter key pressed for a short while (2-3 seconds) and then the player wakes up again. Is there a way I can emulate that with a IR command? And what would I need to do in the FLIRC settings? I hope someone here has a good idea what I can try :)
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