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Found 14 results

  1. I loaded up the Flirc software for the first time in a while and it said there was an update available. I thought it couldn't hurt to update it, but it turns out it can. Ever since I updated it, my Logitech Harmony 650 remote doesn't work at all with it. It says it's connected on Flirc. When I open up the program and press buttons on my remote, the keys that are pressed aren't showing that they're being pressed but I can tell that it's being read by Flirc because it will say things like "recorded successful," "that button already exists," and "button erased" whenever I press a button on my Log
  2. Hi, Just got my new Flirc 2.0 and Streamcon Flirc in the mail and decided to test out the 2.0. Decided to update the firmware and after doing so it just crashes on loading: "Flirc cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Flirc works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and OS X. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple." Since I cannot seem to find an older firmware version to downgrade it back to, I'm now stuck with
  3. Hi All, I just bought myself a Flirc because of the lack of 3rd party IR support in OSX. When installing and configuring the Flirc device I've updated the Firmware to 3.8 (GUI 1.4.4) and then started configuring my Microsoft MCE (Model 1039) RC6 Remote. While configuring I get an error message saying 'Button already exists' when recording some of the buttons on the remote. This is happening for my Up and Down buttons, it seems the Flirc device reads the IR signals sent by my remote as being the same for some button pairs (Up/Down, OK/Back). After searching this forum I fiddled around with the
  4. The flirc dongle keeps losing its firmware. I happened today when the power went out. It has also done it 3-5 times in the past few months without a power outage. Usually if I open the software it auto upgrades the firmware and fixes the problem A few times I have had to manually force a firmware upgrade from the app. The firmware is version 3.8 and the app is version 1.4.4. Any suggestions on how to make the firmware stick?
  5. Dear Sir, Could you please make it possible for users of Flirc-USB to have a firmware download page here ? It is very difficult to get this IR dongle to work without support and good documentation so I believe that at least as a "must have", for the people who bought the gadget to have a way to use de flirc_util for a manual firmware upgrade. I use Ubuntu 14.04 desktop 32bit version and 64bit on my laptop. I do not use MS Win. I followed the instruction and added the APT Repository and installed the binary code. At first it ran with a error warning. It upgraded to 3.8. I was able to program t
  6. Hi, I inserted a Flirc that I bought new about 6 months ago into my new Windows 10 machine, then downloaded and installed the Flirc GUI. I was having problems deleting an assignment when I decided to upgrade the firmware. I was also looking in the registry to see if I could find if Flirc stored key assignments there. I "forced" the firmware upgrade even though I don't know why the regular upgrade firmware button was grayed out. The registry editor crashed on a search (which is a known Windows 10 problem) then something went wrong with the firmware upgrade, can't remember exactly what. I
  7. I currently have 4 FLIRCs which are used with a variety of RPi2, Cubox, WMC, etc. My first two had come with firmware 3.1 and had been working wonderfully using keys I learned from a custom Windows Media Center remote (URC8810, JP1, custom config). (I also have a rather huge collection of old remotes from UEI, Radio Shack, numerous WMC remote versions, Comcast remotes, Philips RC5/RC6/RCMM remotes galore, etc). So...I bought two new FLIRC's to add to my two new RPi2's and went to program them and had all sorts of headaches -- specifically, lots of the keypresses keep getting recorded
  8. There are a number of situations where you may want to configure/control flirc from the command line rather than the GUI. For example, XBMCbuntu is made to boot directly to XBMC without ever displaying a desktop environment. You may also like to be able to modify your flirc configuration via ssh without interrupting an XBMC session. In this tutorial I'll cover some basic steps for getting started with flirc from a command line. INSTALLATION First, we'll install the flirc software. To do this, you need to add flirc to your apt-get sources. You can do this with any text editor. Easiest
  9. Hi, I was wondering if someone can tell me how to update the firmware on my flirc. I've read that all you have to do is download the flirc app from https://flirc.tv/downloads/and then click on update, but it asks me for a bin file. I've installed the app and it says i'm at version 1.0 for the firmware, but i have no idea where to find the firmware file. I'm running the windows version. Thanks
  10. Hello, i have just bouth twice Flirc. So i have followed the information to install it on xubuntu 14.04 64 bit. And so i have got the version 1.2.9 . As i always put the last stable firmware, i have made an upgrade. The stick was on 2.1, and after the update it goes to 3.1 I have tested to asign key, and it works. After that i stop the application and do overthing. I wanted to add some keyboard key to the stick. I could not launch the application from the user, it says:
  11. Froze up during firmware update not recognized by the GUI anymore. Shows as bootldr in Windows 7 64 device manager. Please help
  12. Hi, since I installed FW 2.6 the flirc usb stick is going continuously on / off. Remarkable thing is that in the Win Hardware Manager (Geräte Manager in German) flirc is rocked stable but the flirc application 1.2.6 is continuously connecting and disconnecting ... so I cannot use it anymore. Please provide a rollback either to 1.2.5 or FW 2.5. Thanks Very strange ... used another PC installed FW again. Back to Media PC de-installed flirc .. installed it again. So far so good.
  13. Hello, I have a few problems with my FLIRC, using the GUI 1.2.2 on Win 7 x86_64: Whenever I start the GUI, I see "Disconnected" in the status. If I unplug and replug the FLIRC in a USB port that was not used in the past for it, the driver installs and it get recognized by the GUI. When recognized, I can (could, since I used all my USB ports in the meantime...) define key mapping using the GUI. I tried to update the firmware using the "Advanced>Force FW Update" menu, but this caused the GUI to hang each time (after it discovered a new version and I clicked to proceed). Even if the GUI d
  14. downloaded the Windows GUI 1.0.5 and installed it on my HTPC (Windows 7 64 bit, FLICR connected through a USB 3.0 port). The GUI installed fine,but it showed the FLIRC status as disconnected. The driver in device manager shows 6.1.7600.16385 with a date of 2/28/2012. I've tried removing both the drivers from the system (via device manager) and uninstalling/reinstalling the GUI. I've also tried the Zadig tool as noted in the forum post on the topic. Still no luck. Any ideas?
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