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  1. LG magic remote slow response

    I don't know which remote model you have exactly, but I used to use LG MR400 with 1st gen Flirc and had no issues with it. I don't remember what exactly I've configured it to, but it was some LG audio equipment.
  2. LG magic remote slow response

    Please don't double post. I've deleted now your topic in General Forum. The LG Magic Remote has a universal remote feature which is configured directly on your TV for selected input (like HDMI1, HDMI2 etc). If you're already using that feature, then change the device model and type assigned to the input to something else.
  3. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    Are you trying to use your original TV remote you're using to also control your TV, to also control your HTPC? Does this remote has any universal remote control capability? If not then both your TV and HTPC (through Flirc) will see the same signal and react to it - both devices may execute some actions upon pressing some buttons.
  4. It seems there's some misconfiguration of the repo. I think you can safely replace the repos manually to use ubuntu/trusty instead of debian/stretch.
  5. I don't think there was ever a codec info key in the built-in Harmony profiles. I don't see it in either a 1st nor 2nd gen. Can you save a configuration from 1st gen and attach it here? Maybe you've recorded the codec info key yourself and you've forgotten about it. You can fix it yourself. Just plug your 2nd gen Flirc to your PC or Mac, fire up the Flirc GUI and select full keyboard controller in the controllers menu. Then press key O (as in Olive, not zero) on the virtual keyboard and when asked to press a button on the remote, press the button you on Harmony you use to invoke codec info.
  6. LG smart remote programming issues

    I don't see any issues with your config file. Have you checked your ADB setting on your Android box? It should be disabled. Can you connect an USB keyboard to your Android box? Does it work? When Flirc is connected to the PC, open any text editor (it must be in focus) and then press the buttons on your remote. Does it work?
  7. Updated to Flirc 3.8 from 1.3.6, now crashing @startup

    Sorry, I don't know much about OS X. @jason should be able to help.
  8. Flirc doesn't pass on keypresses

    You can ignore that error message in the device log. It only means that the device log is not supported on gen 1 device. It has nothing to do with your issue.
  9. LG smart remote programming issues

    Can you save your current config into a file (Save configuration in GUI) and attach it here? Also make sure that you have the ADB disabled on your Android box. Having ADB enabled disables the USB Host mode on the box.
  10. It shouldn't behave like that. What operating system do you use? Are you familiar with using command line? There's a command line util called flirc_util which is installed together with the GUI. Connect your Flirc, first start the GUI to be sure it's in normal mode (the software should show firmware version, not bootloader version). Then close the GUI (it's important, as GUI and cli can't be run at the same time). On Windows, you need to open cmd.exe (or powershell) and change directory to where you've installed the Flirc software. Run "flirc_util.exe normal" (without quotes). On Mac, you need to open a terminal and go to where the software on OS X is installed (don't have OS X so I'm not sure what's the exact path). Run "./flirc_util normal" (again, without quotes). On Linux, the flirc_util should be already in PATH, so just open a terminal and run "flirc_util normal". If the command is successful you should see a message like "Succesfully set device to normal operation". After that check if this is still happening.
  11. LG smart remote programming issues

    To be clear, the controller you choose in the GUI doesn't have anything to do with the remote itself. So it doesn't matter which controller you're using in this case. Regarding your log file. That's a NEC protocol. It should work with Flirc without any issues. Can you do the same again but this time clear the Flirc configuration before starting? Then try recording your keys while the IR debug is enabled. Also hold the remote button longer when you record (about 1 second should be enough).
  12. Numeric keypad

    Yes. It's a known issue. It's going to be addressed eventually, but I can't say when exactly.
  13. FireTV 4k 4th Gen

    Change or (preferably) remove the USB extension cable. Don't worry about the line of sight. Flirc's IR receiver is really sensitive and will work even when Flirc is behind the TV.
  14. LG smart remote programming issues

    Do you have Flirc v2? The metal one? If yes, please go to File -> Device log and enable IR debug. Then press some keys on the remote and save resulting output to file. Please post that file here. This will help Flirc support more protocols. Please do this before the next step. IR signals sent by LG smart remote depends on the equipment make and model configured in the TV for the selected input source. Please try changing the configuration to use different model or even maker. The one you're using right now is probably not yet compatible with Flirc.
  15. Hi, If it's like you've described and a standard USB keyboard doesn't work when in tablet mode then Flirc probably won't work either. You can try using multimedia keys.