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  1. Hi Randy, sorry for the delayed answer... I tried it today - I started the Flirc setup program, clicked on erase and pressed the select button on the harmony. The setup program told me - erased! After that I programmed the enter button from the "Full Keyboard" layout as you suggested. Then I run to the TV to test it all and ..... same as before! :-( ... I can navigate in the FireTV Menue as I can do it with the original remote. But when I try to use the Select button in SPMC it doesn't work. The original remote works like it should :-( Any further hints ? ;-) best regards Holger
  2. Hello from Germany! Thank you very much for the Informations here in this forum and for the new Firmware with the FireTV Profile! But I still have a problem: I updated my Flirc to the newest Firmware and teached the Harmony One all the commands to act like the amazon controller. It works like a charm in the Amazon FireTV; but when I try to use SPMC on the FireTV some of the functions are gone. First thing I noticed was the select button. No function... how could this be? SPMC together with the amazon controller works perfect. Any hints? kind regards Holger
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