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  1. Thanks for the quick response guys. I thought I'd set up my following of this thread so that I would get notified on replies but I haven't received anything so maybe I've done something wrong - I'll take a look at that a little later. It sounds like anything I can think of will be addressed at some point in the future, and really, I can't imagine I'll be unhappy. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I've just come across Flirc (I don't actually remember how now, but that's the Internet for you!). It could be exactly what I'm looking for. I have a Mac Mini (2011) running XBMC and am using an Apple remote. The Mac will hibernate and cannot be woken other than pressing a key on the keyboard (which I have plugged in for exactly this purpose, tho I'd much rather not have it attached; I use a remote desktop connection from my MBP if I want to do anything on the Mac). I see that there is a beta version of firmware which should allow for this to work but I'm a little confused as to the features in the firmware. I watch films that have subtitles so I need the long-press functionality as well. Is there any firmware with both these features (I don't mind waiting if it's in progress)? With my Mac Mini, USB devices plug into the back of the device. Will it work or will I need to turn the Mac round so that I can see the Flirc from my sofa (and hence, Apple remote) or will that prevent the normal operations from working if the IR sensor is on the front of the Mac? The only thing I need Flirc to do for me is to do the wake-up. Will I need to map the whole sequence of keys for XBMC or can I just do something for the waking? Is it possible to have context to the wake - I mean, the only time Flirc needs to do anything is when the device is asleep, once it's awake, the remote has no spare keys that I could assign to the wake sequence. Is it possible to have a place on the forum/site where users could download configurations created by other users? Sorry for so many questions but I'm based in the UK so postage for the device adds quite a lot to the cost so I want to make sure it do (either now or in the future) what I'm looking for before I buy. As an aside, I'm very impressed with what Jason has created. The whole mentality - the enthusiasm, the functionality and responsiveness seems to fit in very well with XBMC. What a giver (that that's aside from the monetary donations to his chosen charity). Rgds
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