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  1. Ok so the Harmony 900 sends RF signals to a base unit that converts the RF into IR signals. The base unit then sends the IR signals out via the mini IR blasters (IR senders). You place the blasters in front of your Home Theatre (HT) equipment so that your remote can control multiple devices. I had my home theatre equipment (XBMC box, DVR and Apple TV) all in the same cabinet, each with their own harmony mini-blaster. The harmony sends the IR signals to ALL of the mini-blasters at the same time. eg. If I wanted to play a movie on XBMC I'd press "play" on my remote and the harmony would send the IR signal to all of the mini-blasters BUT only the XBMC would react to the play signal because the other devices (DVR and Apple TV) wouldn't recognise the IR signal being sent). The problem for me was because the IR signal is sent to all three mini blasters the FLIRC was picking up the 3 IR signals at the same time causing it to go crazy. I had to move the flirc to a position where it would only pick up the signal from one IR blaster (not all three). I did this by moving my XBMC/FLIRC and one IR blaster outside of the cabinet away from the other 2 IR blasters. This solved my problem instantly. Hope that makes sense. Jeremy.
  2. Ok I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I diagnosed the problem as IR interference/leakage. My harmony 900 has 3 IR blasters. All my HT equipment is in the same cabinet. It turns out the FLIRC must've been taking signals from all the IR blasters at once even though they weren't close to each other. To fix my problem I moved the FLIRC and 1 IR Blaster outside of the cabinet so that the other blasters couldn't possibly interfere. It worked and everything now works perfectly. The bad news (well good news for me) is I no longer have this problem sorry zaphod :-)
  3. Hi, Can I just say this happens to me too. I have Harmony 900 and I'm running openelec on an intel NUC. When I press a direction or enter button on my remote it behaves, on screen, as if I pressed the button about 100 times really fast. I'm running the Logitech Flirc profile and flirc firmware rc4. Extremely frustrating. Thanks, Jeremy.
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