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  1. I made a rookie mistake...the colour keys were all working fine, but I didn't have anything assigned to the keyboard-shortcuts shown in the flirc gui (e.g. ctrl, shift, b). I just remapped those via XBMC's keyboard.xml and voliá, I had everything set up the way I want it to :) Thank you very much for your help! Happy flircing :)
  2. Your proposition really improved the Xsight's performance! I learned all the buttons that were available on the Harmony and now the Xsight's perfomance can easily be compared to the Harmony's. Pressing a button is recognized instantly, no more pushing pause 5-10 times just to get XBMC to pause the movie :) I got one question though: Is it possible to use all buttons on the Harmony? E.g. the colour buttons don't do a thing, whereas I'd like to put "next subtilte" on yellow. I tried defining new actions for the Harmony via myharmony.com, but that didn't really work....
  3. Well I gotta follow up on my first post: The Xsight does work well both with my Panasonic TV and my satellite box. I tried recording buttons yesterday until the gui asks me if I want to redo the button. Afaik, people have reported they had to "double-record" buttons...well with the Xsight Colour, I can record certains buttons up to 5-6 times !! And even if I do record a button that often, the remote still doesn't work correctly.... Well, compared to a Harmony 300i, the Harmony definetly feels better. It's slimmer and round on the bottom whereas the Xsight feels a little bit like an old phone. But since there aren't many remotes for ~ 30 € that aren't completety crap and the Harmony can't be bought for a reasonable price anymore (at least in Germany), I might stick with the Xsight Colour. I'd still like to solve the issue described by me. Is there any way to determine how many different "key-responses" there are with this remote? I can't believe I'll have to record each button up to 8 times to get the remote to function properly...
  4. Hey there, I've run into a little bit of trouble with flirc and a One For All Xsight Colour. Flirc works like a charm with our Harmony 300i, but it really struggles with the Xsight Colour. I've used the flirc gui to assign the keys on the remote-control to "keyboard keys", which worked. Unfortunately though, almost everytime I press a key on the remote control, it somehow doesn't get "accepted". I tried double-recording the keys, but that didn't help either. Is there a way to determine it the problem is caused by the remote control (which works fine with other devices btw) or by flirc? Pillendreher
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