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  1. Thanks for posting this. I gave up on my flirc because of this issue, but I'll give it another shot using your directions.
  2. Remote - Philips SRP4004/27 I've tried a variety of devices when I programmed the remote. I wasn't ever able to get the Flirc programmed if the R/Y/G/B buttons were enabled. The other issue I noticed when the R/Y/G/B buttons were enabled is that each button had to be programmed twice. So I would program right arrow once, program it again and the repeat that for the remainder of the buttons. Eventually I would get the "this has already been programmed" message, which then threw off the Flirc mapping entirely. I got close once by saving the profile every time I programmed a button. I would then restore the profile once I received the error and would continue programming the Flirc. That failed once I realized that the play button was sending the same command as another button. All of these issues go away when I program the remote to a device that doesn't have the R/Y/G/B buttons enabled. I was able to duplicate this on v1.3.5-rc.2, v1.3.5-rc.3 and v1.3.6. I know that it worked on the old firmware because this all started when I upgraded the firmware on my Flirc. I shouldn't have upgraded the firmware, because it was working perfectly before...
  3. I have a universal remote that has the Red/Yellow/Green/Blue bottons, and I have this exact issue whenever I have the remote programmed to a device that utilizes these four buttons. I am able to program the Flirc receiver with ease when I have the remote programmed to a device that doesn't use these buttons. This didn't happen in older versions of the firmware, but happens on all of the more recent versions. I believe version 2.6 was the last version I was able to use, but I can't find the download for that anymore. It's very annoying because I like to program these buttons to do certain tasks in Kodi, such as Subtitle On/Off, Audio Delay, Watched Toggle, etc...
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