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  1. I still have not found a solution for this problem in general. How to get a string under a key.
  2. I executed the command as administrator but got an error: "Could not connect sessionID 0 to sessionname console, Error code 5 Error [5]:Access is denied.
  3. I like this last option i am going to try this and report back.
  4. Try this and your harmony should work well.
  5. I use rc 4. With windows 8 and plex everything worked fine. With windows 8.1 and plex one click is two clicks. I use a harmony one. and use method as provided on forum. Program the one as t.v. I read this topic but have not yet found a solution. Is there a solution? Did i miss it?
  6. After i do a remote desktop session with my htpc. The screen of my htpc locks and i have to put in the password again to unlock my htpc. So if i could put the password under a key of my remote that would be helpfull. regards,
  7. How do i save a string ? Example How do i save the word bike to a key of my remote. So that when i press the key the word bike shows up. It works with one letter so how to make it how with multiple letters?
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