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  1. Hi,


    Pretty simple issue, but I have been strugling with this quite a long time. I noticed that with the newest fw (2.5) and Harmony 650, my IntelNUC with OpenElec (4.0.2) have quite bad remote response.


    What I noticed is that if I clear the settings of Flirc and manually add the commands from the keyboard side. Then the response is very good and I´m satisfied. Problem is that if I clear the configuration it also unchecks the sleeps function. It´s disactivated. I can´t figure out that how do I activate it without complete reflash of Flirc. Because when I reflash it, it brings back the bad response settings...


    Any ideas?




  2. I also started (all the sudden, without any changes) to have problems with my flirc receiver. I noticed that with using usb-extension cable, it started to go crazy. It started to act like I was pressing a buttong constantly. Removing the Flirc stops the loop.


    Removing the extension cord resolved my problem. I tried two different extension cords and both had the same problem. Problem is that the location of NUC is so that I have to use extension cord.


    I have to order other brand IR-receiver to test this issue more. I got the latest FW in my Flirc.

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