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  1. Solved! I search for Bluetooth which was unrelated but it did turn up the search thread below. I just had to close flirc program and unplug the USB receiver and then plug it back it back in. Works perfect now - thanks for the great product!
  2. I setup my remote to be used with VLC / Videolan and all seemed to go well. I closed the setup / GUI interface and launched my player. All of the keyboard shortcuts that I entered work fine when I used the keyboard but no response from VLC when using the remote. I tried again - erased all keys and reentered them - again everything seemed to go great but the same non response from VLC. I then installed xbmc and changed the key selections via flirc GUI but with the same result. My keyboard is made by logitech and connects via bluetooth. I thought this might be an issue so I plugged in a wired keyboard and reentered the keyboard shortcuts but no change in the end result. Flirc seems like the bomb but I must be missing something obvious. Thanks Chris
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