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  1. FLIRC config file attached. After trying a few configuration tweaks on the OpenELEC box I'm using this with, I gave up and used a different remote code. Code 00002 on the DirecTV remote also uses all of the remote buttons. I believe it's a code used for people who have two receivers in the same room. 01640_FLIRC.fcfg
  2. First off, I love the flirc. It's awesome, and I wish it existed thirteen years ago when I built my first HTPC. I have an issue where there is a conflict or collision with my remote. If I press the up button too fast, it gets interpreted as an enter. In the past, with other products, I've seen this happen when the code for up is something like "0110" and enter is "00110011". I'm a new flirc user, so I don't know how to collect logs to verify this. If this is the case, is there any way to tweak the flirc to deal with this? Or am I left looking for a new remote? Remoteis a directv rc65 using code 01640, because it uses all of the buttons. I believe the code is for a Sony UltimateTV dvr.
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