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  1. THAT WORKED!!! When I programed it in Win7 and put it back into my HTPC the remote worked like a charm. I tried to program it on a Ubuntu desktop but it didn't work, but I think that's because I didn't select XBMC from the Controllers drop down. Thank you all again, now I can get back on the couch :) :D
  2. Thanks burke, I tried that already. I programed flirc on my Ubuntu desktop, plugged it into the htpc, started it up, but the remote still didn't work. I have a usb keyboard plugged into the htpc and it works with no problem. I tried flirc in all of the usb ports but it doesn't work. This is driving me crazy man. Thanks for your input.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Chris, but it didn't work :( It seems as though others have Flirc working on an Ubuntu minimal install, I wonder why my setup is not working. You can move this to general questions since this is not a how to guide. Maybe I'll get some help there. Thanks a lot
  4. Edit: Just noticed I posted under wrong topic. Can this be moved? In the past I ran XBMC on a full Ubuntu desktop 10.04 environment, installed Flirc, used the GUI setup, and all was well. I just reinstalled XBMC on top of Ubuntu Minimal (used this script http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=141369) and now my remote will not work at all. I tried the command line with; $ flirc record and mapped all of my keys, saved the config with; $ flirc saveconfig $ flirc normal but still no luck. I've searched the forum but cannot find this topic. Anyone familiar with my issue? Thanks for any help. Flirc Version 1.0.2 Firmware Version: 1 10-02-2011 Remote: Universal Remote Control URC-R50 Ubuntu minimal: 13.04 XBMC: Think Eden
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