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  1. I've spent quite a bit of time moving the IR blaster around, even placing it some distance away I in the event the flirc was getting too much signal. Has anyone had any luck with a specific IR Blaster? If so I'll just buy that one. I am assuming there is some sort of frequency not being passed through.
  2. I added a Flirc to my HTPC and it works well with my comcast remote. I have the AUX button on my comcast remote set to code 00869 (discussed ), I paired buttons, adjusted the keyboard delay and repeat settings and it works fabuliously. Now, my components are behind a closed cabinet door, so an IR Blaster is required. I have sucessfully used my IR blaster (this one) to drive all of my other components but the Flic does not respond to the IR blaster signals. I even have attempted to reprogram my flirc with the IR blaster connected - but to no avail. It seems the Flirc is just not seeing the signal. I know the blaster end is working sucessfully as it works when using it on a different component. Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice?
  3. To give a little additional insight into using the Comcast remote control with Flirc, using the Comcast code of 00869 and programming it to the AUX key works well. However you may experience issues with slow response time when pressing the directional downs buttons on the remote. To remedy this (in Windows 7) go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and printers. Right click on Flirc and from the menu that appears select keyboard settings. Set the 'Repeat Delay' to long. Set the 'Repeat Rate' to short (or sometimes one tick to the left of short). This will solve any slowness or delayed responses when pressing buttons on the Comcast remote.
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