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  1. will they just fuse back together when the cpu heats up?
  2. Yea i read a bit about that and put a piece of tape on the sd card. My thermal pad tore when i was removing the plastic even though i was careful... i stuck it on the heat slug anyway and just hope it doesnt damage the pi. Does anyone know how i can get a spare thermal pad?
  3. nooryani84

    Flirc case, thermal pad

    I carefully tried to remove the plastic protection on the thermal pad, but it wasn't coming off and now the pad has torn. Any way to get a spare thermal pad for the case?
  4. Does the thermal pad stick to both sides? With the new sd-card slot I've read you have to open the case to remove the microsd card. My question is if the thermal pad is sticky on both sides, in effect "one time use" that cant be reattached after opening the case?
  5. nooryani84

    One Remote press, continued repeating Flirc commands

    Not entirely sure where he means... however you could always try via XBMC's settings http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=advancedsettings.xml#.3Cremoterepeat.3E Hope you resolve the issue, I completely understand your frustration.
  6. nooryani84

    Where is Flirc Shipped from

    Oh well, I'll get it before Christmas at least :) Edit: Scratch that, got it today! Sent on Saturday from Santa Clara and arrived in Norway in less than a week, not bad at all! :D
  7. nooryani84

    Where is Flirc Shipped from

    I ordered my Flirc from the US with USPS... Little did I know that it would take several weeks (according to other users here) Mine got shipped on Saturday, should I expect this to take several weeks?
  8. nooryani84

    What does the F in FLIRC stand for?

    Hehe, well some of the best things come out of necessity. Can't wait to get my FLIRC and set it up! :)
  9. I know LIRC means Linux Infrared Remote Control, but what does the F stand for? :)