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  1. I just downloaded Flirc Setup v1.4.2 on my Windows 10 64-bit machine.  I was successful in upgrading the firmware from I believe it was v3.6 to version v3.7.  However, I am unable to upgrade to firmware v3.8.  The Flirc setup says it was successful, but my Flirc stays on v3.7.  Here is the version output from flirc_util.exe:

    flirc_util version v1.4.2 [v1.4.2+]

    Firmware: v3.7 [89675AF9]

    Anyone have any idea how I can upgrade to v3.8?

  2. It's probably the same performance as using a TV profile.  However, I have never used a TV profile.  In the FLIRC GUI or the XBMC addon, you can select full keyboard and program the Harmony that way.  Just make sure each key has something associated with it.  If your Harmony has an LCD screen, you can also customize it for any other action.

  3. You can still do this.


    1)  Use the non-BETA firmware.  I have found the BETA firmware a little buggy when using the Harmony.  Also, only the BETA firmware works with the Harmony and FLIRC "out of the box", but read on for the work around.

    2)  Program you Harmony using the FLIRC profile in Harmony's database.

    3)  Use the FLIRC GUI or the XBMC plugin to program the keys to your liking including full keyboard functionality (i.e 'S' on the exit key will bring up the shutdown menu)


    Since using this method I have had no need to customize the keymap.xml.

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