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  1. Remote being used

    Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver remote with an Ouya and a USB hub

    Beta firmware


    Cheap way to install IR on many home media devices.

    Can map functions to almost any button on many remotes.

    I was able to switch the Flirc receiver from my Ouya to Macbook Pro's XBMC, and I was still able to use basic functions without re-programming.


    With early firmwares, I had repeating key issues, but it seems to have been resolved

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  2. Wow, that's really nice of you.  Here's what a found.  I plugged my Adesso keyboard and played around with it.  It has a built-in touchpad and the PS4 recognized it as a mouse, but it did not function - maybe just a problem keyboard, it's pretty old. 


    I'll try mapping them to the Flirc later on today.


    PS4 interface:


    Esc - back

    F3 - Dual Shock 4 Options button

    Prt Sc/SysRq - DS4 Share button

    Pause/Break - moves you back to inserted disc in the main menu

    Backspace - back

    Enter- enter

    Arrow keys - moving in menus


    Matrix Blu-ray disc:


    In-movie controls:


    Esc - Pause/On-screen display

    F1 - on-screen display (shows movie progress, type of audio track, etc)

    F2 - BD pop-up menu

    F3 - PS4 disc options (pop-up menu, subtitles, audio, etc)

    Backspace - Pause/On-screen display

    Up arrow - bring up BD pop-up menu

    Down arrow - close BD pop-up menu

    Right/left arrow - moving in menus

    Enter - enter

  3. I'm wondering if there is a suggested key mapping for the Playstation 4?  I know it's a bit early.  


    Sony stupidly won't let us use the PS3 BD Remote on the PS4.  I use my Flirc primarily on my Ouya with my Onkyo remote.  On the off chance, I plugged it into the PS4 and it recognized it as a keyboard - it is still programmed in keyboard layout for XBMC on the Ouya.  The most I could do is Play/Pause with the enter button and FF/Rewind with the d-pad on the Onkyo remote.  Any suggestions?  


    BTW, the Flirc does not fit between the slots to plug into the PS4's USB ports.  You have to use a hub.

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