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  1. Hello, I bought the first gen Flirc years and years ago, but I haven't used it anymore for years now as well. I downloaded the software and it shows as 'disconnected'. I vaguely seem to remember I had some issues with it and that being the reason for not using it anymore. On Reddit somebody advised me to use it, so I thought I'd give it another try. But so far no luck... I looked at a few threads covering this issue, so I followed quite a few steps already. I also produced a log file as advised in one of those threads which is attached. I'm also open to a remote session (teamviewer). Thanks in advance! :) flirc_log.zip
  2. This evening a friend of my who's an ICT-er came by and told me about the shift-escape combo and it worked! :) thanks for the reply!
  3. @Chris for windows 8 I want to map the windows button to my remote so I can always return to the metro GUI but it seems the windows key can only be used in a combination with another key is there another way or can this be fixed somehow? thanks in advance
  4. in principle, FLIRC works with any remote control the only thing I don't know is if FLIRC only works with physical buttons but I guess as long as pressing an option on a LCD screen remote sends a infrared signal it should work in theory
  5. Ok I tried the tv profile now, but still 'extra' buttons can't be mapped. Just the basic ones.: - Guide - Exit - Menu - Prev(ious) - Record - The arrow keys under the LCD screen - The keys next to the LCD screen They all can't be mapped, which is pretty annoying. I now have to put simple functions like previous and exit for example under the colored buttons...
  6. Hey Chris, I understand, but two things: when I choose the keyboard layout in the flirc software it says 'delete' instead of 'backspace' where you would expect that button to be. And it doesn't take me one level back. The 'parent directory' button does bring me one level back, but... I can't map 'Prev' on my harmony to that button. It CAN be mapped to another button. But the 'Prev' button on my harmony remote isn't broke or anything, because it does work in other activities like watching tv. I also have a simple and old model of the harmony by the way. edit: just found out that also my 'Exit' button on my harmony can't be mapped...
  7. oops sorry, that info was right there... with the new harmony remotes you also don't have to add an activity anymore? and what abotu the back(space) button?
  8. ok, so I found the topic I will be needing I downloaded and installed the beta: I started the harmony software since I have an older model I choose Media Center PC, but I also have to choose a Manufacturer and a Model. I filled in XBMC in both positions, but then the harmony software changes it into: Game Console (With DVD), Microsoft, XBox What should I fill in int those area's to make it work? thanks in advance :)
  9. Hello Chris, I just got my flirc yesterday and I was trying around with the settings. I experienced the same problem as mentioned above. So I looked up the keyboard shortcuts for XBMC and mapped backspace to back, but when I choose the keyboard layout in the flirc software it says delete instead of backspace. I choose that button, but it doesn't really work. This is on the native remote of my panasonic tv, because my harmony doesn't work at all. But that has probably something to do with the fact that I set it up entirely in the harmony software. So I probably have to create a new activity in the harmony software to make it work with flirc. I just signed up on the forum, so I'll look for a thread which explains that! :)
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