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  1. That makes sense, thanks. The missing link for me is knowing what key numbers correspond to the QWERTY keyboard layout - but I assume I use generic.kl as the base to work from?
  2. I've been following this guide too, but it doesn't seem to cover how to map the Ouya select button (i.e. the 'O' button). I have installed the Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl file, and I set up my remote control as described in the post (#6), and I added a few XBMC keyboard shortcuts for convenience. Everything works. I used the "OK" button on my universal remote to be the enter key, so that works for selecting things within XBMC, but I can't select anything with the remote outside of XBMC. Can anyone explain how to map the Select/O key to Flirc?
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