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  1. Everything worked like a charm after applying your recommendations. All three set-ups are behaving as expected. Thanks for your help, great product.
  2. Awesome. I'll try this tonight. A related question ... at what point does the Flirc GUI actually update the USB device? Is it realtime? As soon as a config file is loaded/saved? I keep looking for a save button :)
  3. You're right. My understanding was exactly the opposite as your clarification, so that should help a lot. :) To your other question. Yes, the Play/Pause do nothing. Everything else in the Kodi profile seems to work fine. To test it, I opened a text editor in linux and then started sending remote signals. Stop recorded an "x", Subtitles a "t", Watched a "w" etc. Play/Pause both do nothing. Kodi is running on an Intel NUC w/ Ubuntu loaded (i have 3 of them in the house w/ three Flircs). Appreciate the help.
  4. Thank you for the response. I have the app and am aware of the recording method, but how do I get the flirc to actually record a keyboard press? For instance, the play/pause isn't working on the Kodi profile. I'd like to re-record it with the keyboard press of "p", but I have no existing remote that will send a "p" IR signal? It'd be awesome if i could just click the record button and then press the letter "p" on my PC's keyboard! Suggestions?
  5. Hello! What's the manufacturer/device used to get the full keyboard profile on a harmony ultimate remote? I've done Flirc/Kodi, but that aligns to the Kodi profile (that doesn't seem to work with play/pause). I've tried various forms of Flirc/Keyboard etc. Thanks.
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