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  1. I have been using the command line utility to program my flirc. Trying to write a batch file so that I can script the prompts for each button, as the GUI is not cutting it. Features: 1) Can we get a command line "FlircWatch.exe" This application should just watch for Remote Presses and display the code on the screen (kind of like irw?) 2) Can the config files be in XML? It would be super handy to be able to edit the config files with a simple text editor. Combining 1+2, it would be super easy for users to be able to craft and share configs, or see slight differences. 3) Flirc.exe record (command line) This is missing "Wake" "Period" and "Comma", without these I cant get my Next/Previous chapter to work in XBMC, and cant wakeup my Zotac9300 itx. 4) GUI to include sensitivity settings, with some sort of scale (is Zero super sensitive and 99 super dull?) I am happy with my flirc so far, but could be a little easier. Probably doesnt help that I spent the first hour using an old XBOX remote. (bad frequency)
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