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  1. It's easy: Just map the select button on your remote with the OUYA-Controller Button for O: Therefore you need to add/replace it to your Keyboard-Layout-file: Which would be (for the enter key #28:) key 28 BUTTON_A or for the backspace (I think it's del in the linux keymap and then #43) and therefore the corresponding A-Key on the Ouya Controller key 14 BUTTON_B The naming of the OUYA controller buttons ABYX comes from the XBOX controller - have a look at one and you'll quickly understand it. http://www.geekys.net/ekmps/shops/geekys/images/original-xbox-controller-375-p.jpg You could also follow my tutorial at post #26 - that'll fix everything ;) Additionally, I wrote another guide on this: http://www.peterfranssen.de/2013/08/14/key-bindings-of-ouya-controller-for-keylayouts/
  2. Hey guys! I'm new here and I must say that this article helped me a lot. I managed to get my OUYA working with FLIRC, XBMC and an Apple Remote. In case anyone else wants to accomplish this, I created a guide (in English) on how to do so. I modified the files you provided above in order to have full functionality. Cheers for the great work you guys do! Here's my tutorial: http://www.peterfranssen.de/2013/08/04/getting-flirc-to-work-with-ouya-and-xbmc/
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