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  1. Glad I stumbled upon this thread. Was pulling my hair out figuring why when watching content it would randomly pause, go to different XBMC sreens etc. Turns out a number of ghost/repeated keystrokes were being sent. I do have one issue that I bring forward. On my Sony Bravia televison if i enable the Light Sensor on the eco setting menu the remote will not work properly with the Flirc. Menus pop up , flicker, or remote will not work at all on the HTPC . Somehow the tv light sensor is muckiing up the flirc.
  2. Frustrating to say the least. What may assist is if you go to Settings-->Plex/Web-->General. At the bottom is a checkbox Enable Keyboard Shortcuts. There is a link to their available shortcuts. Think it's a good start. All documentation online references a file called keyboard.xml but i can not find such a file on my PC.
  3. thanks, I see now what I have to do, but unfortunately that link refers to old keyboard mapping. Plex documentation is an absolute nightmare, they seem to completely change everything with each revision. very frustrating.
  4. ALl: Having issues trying to integrate remotes with Plex. Some buttons will work, but quite a few will not. Have tried various remotes. Buttons that just do not seem to work at all when programmed with flirc are FULLSCREEN, VOLUME UP and DOWN, STOP, PLAY. Programming using the XMBC keyboard. Tried the Windows Media Keyboard profile as well. Anything I could be doing wrong?
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